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Main Features: More stable, reliable, and faster! Now In j Diego Uscanga. FL Studio Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange Full Video Converter Free Full Video Converter Inc. Full Player 8. Full Player. Install the iPhone Theme and you'll get a new set of menu icons in the style of those you'll find on iOS. There are some new ones Log and Help, for example for apps that don't appear on the Apple device.

Unfortunately, there are no icons on the dock, and also the home screen lacks a wallpaper image. Download iPhone Theme S60 5th in. Total Mayhem HD is a very impressive action game , starring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in his full 3D glory. Set across 12 levels in New York, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD is a fighting game packed with action from start to finish.

You have to run through the streets of each level taking out the goons and rescuing hostages, before fending off the end boss. The baddest of the baddies from the comic books are all here, including the likes of Sandman , Electro , Dr Octopus and Green Goblin. The controls in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD are based around an on-screen joystick and a series of action buttons, such as jump, attack, and throw a web.

You can perform special attacks when your web supply is full, and when the Spidey senses signal appears above Spider-Man's head. The controls are very easy to get to grips with. Graphically, Spider-Man: Characters are well-rendered in 3D, backgrounds are colorful and the frame rate is good, too. The intense music helps to make Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD an absorbing experience.

Although essentially it involves just walking around attacking people, the gameplay in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD has been cleverly crafted so it doesn't get boring. There are special finger gestures that need to be performed for actions such as untying hostages or climbing out of holes, you can collect various comic art extras , and even take photos of the on-screen action in the heat of battle. The only thing that might get frustrating to users in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD is the fact that it is so linear. Often you feel like you want to go off and explore little side alleys or randomly climb up shopping malls and offices.

A free roaming mode would really have made Spider-Man: If you love playing 3D action games on your console, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD is probably the closest thing you'll get to that experience on your Nokia phone. Download Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD 1. N-Desk provides a new desktop for Symbian, designed to make using your phone much easier.

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With N-Desk running, the S60 interface behaves more like the iPhone OS, displaying all the icons for applications, tasks, setttings, etc. You simply swipe the screen to move through the various apps and utilities. N-Desk includes a helpful toolbar that displays a list of your most used applications, allowing you to switch tasks very quickly.

Hit the N-Desk icon and you'll be able to personalize the desktop through a range of different settings.

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You can change the background, text color, image color and icon layout. You can turn off the toolbar if you like as well. It would've been nice if N-Desk came with some different themes, icons or backgrounds in order to customize the desktop even more.. Overall though, N-Desk offers a quicker, simpler way to move around a Symbian phone. Download N-Desk 2. Mp3 Downloader was born on , it was the first app for Symbian devices for download mp3 music. Now Pep! Mp3 Downloader arrives to Android with more features. Mp3 Downloader is the faster way to download mp3 to your Android device.

Mp3 Downloader has a simple and intuitive interface, so users can start using it since they download it. Download the files very fast, and it's free! Download Pep! MP3 Downloader 1. It helps you save money by calculating how much you're spending from your data plan. The app provides you with an Application Report , showing you how much data is being consumed by each app you're running. The Traffic Report displays the total amount of data consumed on your phone. You can also specify the period of time you want to show data for daily, monthly, yearly, etc.

To unlock Pixiz in your ad blocker, it's super easy:

You can even export reports as a file. One very useful feature of SPB Wireless Monitor is the ability to set up alarms that alert you when you pass a certain amount of data usage. This is very handy for monitoring when you're about to exceed your data allowance. It would have been great if SPB Wireless Monitor went a stage further and allowed you to put a cap on traffic for a particular app. This would prevent an application from consuming lots of data without you being aware of it. As it stands, SPB Wireless Monitor is an effective way to keep track of all the data you are using on your phone.

Soundtracker is a free Symbian application that allows you to search for, listen to and share music from your mobile phone. You can search Soundtracker for stations based on a particular artist or genre, then listen to songs by this artist and similar music. It works in much the same way as streaming music apps for other mobile platforms, such as Last. Just like these other music apps, Soundtracker has a social side to it. You can share stations that you've generated either via email, Facebook , Twitter , or on Soundtracker itself. You can 'follow' other users and access all the stations they've generated and vice versa , which is great for discovering new music.

There's even a feature that lets you find stations created by people in your area. In general, the Soundtracker user interface is easy to get around, and once you've signed up for a free account you'll be streaming music in no time. There are a few small annoyances though, such as the fact you can't skip back through previously played tracks in the player interface - only forwards.

We experienced some crashes in our tests on a Nokia C7, which seemed to occur when searching for stations added by others.

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The selection of music on offer in Soundtracker is pretty broad, and covers the full gamut of popular music. With more than 10 million tracks in its database, you're sure to find something you like! Soundtracker is one of the few free music streaming and sharing apps for Symbian phones and is well worth downloading if you enjoy listening to music on the move.

Download Soundtracker 1. Whether you want to track your phone bill independently or wonder how you manage to spend so much money on phone services, Bill Optimizer is the way to make sure your bill never takes you by surprise again! Find out the 20 people you call the most, protect yourself from costly roaming data fees and view reports with useful statistics about your phone usage! Bill Optimizer is a super app to save money on your mobile bill and optimize your billing plan. Option to export stats in csv format.

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Bill Optimizer is compatible with Symbian S60 Nokia devices only. Bill Optimizer is the best way to keep track of your monthly phone usage. Make sure your bill never takes you by surprise again! Whether you: Find out the 20 people you call the most, protect yourself from costly roaming data fees and view reports with useful statistics about your phone usage. Download Bill Optimizer 1 in. Key features: