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The Lumia has the SensorCore that will contribute things like step count, all handled through the Microsoft app. The SensorCore also enables tap to wake, so you'll be able to tap the display and have it spring to life, which is a feature we like, and not always available on mid-range handsets.

There's a mAh battery that is user changeable so you could potentially carry a spare. It's a reasonable performer and we've managed to get it though a day without too much of a problem. This is typical of Snapdragon devices and the smaller scale display helps too. The built-in Qi wireless charging is also a benefit, as you can just plonk it on the charger at night with minimal hassle. Windows Phone 8. It brings with it a range of features that continue to close the gap with the dominant platforms of iOS 8 and Android.

Not all the Denim advantages are felt on the Lumia , but this handset still offers the full smartphone experience, covering all bases. There's increasing refinement too, with features like Wi-Fi Sense offering some smart sharing of Wi-Fi access with your contacts - if you want it to. We also like the fact that you can sync across Microsoft devices, so you can have a consistent colour scheme or wallpaper across your Windows desktop, Surface and Lumia device, for example.

In the case of the Lumia , the bottom navigation bar hides itself, letting you swipe it back into place when needed. It takes a little getting used to, but it frees up screen space. There's always been a lot of talk about Windows Phone app availability - and that discussion still remains ongoing. Most major apps, services, and social networks are covered, but Windows Phone is rarely the first on the scene with a hot new app.

For us we miss apps like Feedly or Hive by British Gas. Not critical for all, perhaps, but we're still not at the level where you have app parity across all the smartphone platforms. As Windows Phone has grown, so too have the native features it offers. Lumia devices offer more than others more than the HTC One M8 for Windows for example and that has lead to some fragmentation within the settings. We like having options, but we think Microsoft needs to focus in keeping the settings clean - there's two different areas to control the display, for example.

The Lumia also comes with Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant, that pretty much replaces search in a similar way to Google's search app. You can use voice to ask questions or simply type them in as before , but Cortana will also serve up things like appointment results, set reminders or alarms, find music, weather and get directions. The results are good, but it's hardly groundbreaking by this point, especially to those who have been using Google Now or Apple's Siri alternatives. As we've mentioned this isn't the fastest Windows Phone on the market, but it works well enough.

The experience is comparable to the Lumia , the biggest drawback being that it feels a little on the slow side. When Microsoft announced the Lumia , it came with the claim of having the highest resolution front-facing camera for a Windows Phone. Outside of the Windows Phone platform there are higher-resolution offerings such as the HTC Desire Eye, with its megapixel front-facing camera. Exclusive to Lumia devices is the Lumia Selfie app; once installed it appears as a Lens in your camera, as well as a separate app. The app is less about capturing better selfies and more about post-processing those pictures, as it's full of fun filters and enhancements you can use to change your look.

Nokia Lumia 735 review: Just don't call it a selfie phone

You can enlarge your eyes, slim your face, whiten your teeth and so on. It has a big problem however: So if you've only got one ear it will be on the wrong side of your head, your hair will be parted the wrong way and if you're a pirate then your eye patch will be on the wrong side too. Sadly, there isn't a mirror flip in the edit options to correct it. Lumia Selfie, however, can be used to edit any picture, so you can apply the improvements to any image you have, whether you've just taken it, or it's one from your existing collection of photos.

The front camera is a good performer, offering good results in good light, but things always tend to look a little grainy. Many of the selfies we've taken have a slightly textured finish, which can - gasp - make your skin look more mottled than you might like. When the light drops things get grainier, so you'll lose the detail as the ISO sensitivity gets pushed up, but it's not a disaster. Outdoors on the bright day, however, is when you'll get some pretty good shots.

Is the Lumia a killer selfie camera? Not really. It's pretty typical of the results you'll find elsewhere. There seems to be some degree of randomness to Lumia cameras: It has a Zeiss lens and LED flash and while it isn't the best performer in the Lumia range, it's still pretty strong. There's plenty of detail captured, although some grain from image noise can be spotted even as low as ISO You'll only really notice that if viewing at full size - in normal social applications, it won't be a problem.

Lumia Camera is a little slow to respond, however, and moving around the interface to access settings like the front camera takes just a little more time and effort than is perhaps expected. You also get Full HD video capture and the normal Windows Phone arrangement of being able to add extra Lenses to let your camera do other things, like capture panoramas, for example.

Overall the Lumia will give you results that in may cases out perform similarly priced rivals, so we're happy with the experience. Sitting alongside its Lumia stablemate in terms of power, the Nokia Lumia mixes things up in the camera department, making a case for the presence of these two similar devices. Camera performance from both front and back snappers is good, even if the Lumia Selfie app is currently flawed.

At that price, the performance is fitting - although we daresay that similar spec Android devices are faster for day-to-day operation.

Best Nokia Lumia Smartphones With Front Camera

Been using the lumia for over a year and i become a fan of it, its been a part of daily lifestyle and a basic necessity. Best phone ever that i have been used. Still now the processing is as good as new never slowed a bit from past a year batter life is good. One the life saver while travelling.

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Was this review helpful? Yes No. One of the best windows phone.

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Lumia is currently the flagship device from the house of Nokia. It is undoubtedly the best windows phone in the market to date It also has the Nokia's PureView technology in its camera. Pureview is a technology, which samples the photograph by combining multiple shots taken by camera. Hence, the main benefit of this technology is that we get a very crisp and clear image with almost zero noise level. Lumia sports an 8. If you wanna spend in excess of 40k to get a windows phone..

Simply opt for this one The touchscreen is awesome The social connectivity options on a windows phone device are just awesome.. The phone sports a dual core processor, which makes sure This is the phone windows phone fanboys were waiting for so long. If you could afford one and wish to spend to get a windows phone only The winner tag goes obviously to the Nokia's flagship Lumia ! Thanks for reading my review. Nokia almost got it right! The first thing any user will notice on picking up the phone is its weight. It is bulky and heavier than competitor flagships.

It is interesting that Nokia is giving low priority to weight of the devices time and time again. Move past the weight and you get to meet an awesome flagship. Build Quality: It looks elegant and clean with polycarbonate shell going around. The phone sits in your palm very comfortably with hardware buttons easily accessible.

Familiar design

The phone is big for a 4. However, this should not be an issue. The screen is easily accessible with a thumb once you get used to. The rounded edges of the screen gives a sense of completeness to the phone. There is no awkward discontinuity between screen and the rest of the body. Though n my experience it did not feel clearblack. There is some leakage of light from dark pixels at high brightness. The colors are very vivid and feel natural. The display is also very clear in bright light.

The most anticipated feature and justice done! Nokia Camera app gives freedom to control focus, exposure, shutter time etc manually and very helpful for aspiring professionals. However, you might want to get a tripod to get best shot possible.

Comparison of Lumia smartphones

Don't want to be a pro, no issues the stock app is best at getting it right. There is lenses feature which allows shooting in various modes.

How to Change the Default Camera App on Windows Phone (Lumia)

Inside the phone: Nokia has held back on the hardware. It has a 1. Though the specs are not high, they do not affect the speed and smoothness generally seen on flagships. This is mainly because of the less bulky Windows OS.

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There is no external memory slot. But you get 29 GB internal of the 32GB. Pretty decent if you ask me. It has built in wireless charging, which I felt is very useful but then I got free wireless charger.

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Windows 8 OS might not be mature yet and has lot of drawbacks, but it feels new and different. The live tiles are simple and elegant. Nokia has enhanced the experience with its "here" suite as well as with the city lens the augmented reality app to find places nearby. The recent updates and 8. However the platform lacks traction mainly due to apps. A user moving from other platforms will feel this dearth.