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This change is designed with micro-transactions in mind, as prompts are littered throughout for small cash purchases. While this is understandable in a free game, it does have the unfortunate impact of removing some of the charm of The Sims. The Sims Mobile is a solid game which feels fairly far removed from the regular series. Fans hoping to relive their childhood games will find themselves instead performing routine tasks for experience. This doesn't mean a bad game, as overall this is a great free game, but an odd instalment for the series. Do you recommend it? View full description.

Softonic review The Sims Mobile is the latest free instalment of the classic family simulator. New direction After becoming one of the best selling simulation games ever for the PC , The Sims moved on to nearly every other platform. Different taste The Sims Mobile is a solid game which feels fairly far removed from the regular series.

Heavy Bus Simulator Drive your bus around. Free Download for Android. Respond to Rayman. Report Respond to sarahh. There isnt any upgrading options on my phone menu! I can't improve the house or do gardening like everyone else and I have about 18, to spend but on nothing!

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Funkybees Mar 29, at Respond to Funkybees. Report Respond to LizzyJ. LizzyJ Apr 26, at Chuankaimah - Apr 28, at Go to build mode located in the menu icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Respond to LizzyJ.

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Report Respond to monkey. Respond to monkey. Report Respond to kaka3shi. Jeff - Dec 29, at You have got two times of upgrading your house and you should be earning over if you reach to the top. You can find your boss in their house and ask for a raise. If there are no raise available, then you reach to the highest career job. Good luck!

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