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The iPhone is both more color accurate and more detailed, capturing a superior image in perfect conditions. A cloudy day, or imperfect lighting when indoors. Maybe a movie theater or something similar.

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HTC has been dubbed the king of low light shooting in our previous tests , and against the iPhone 5S it should still be the better shooter. In our tests we found that the One is still the king of finding light where other cameras seem unable, but surprisingly the iPhone 5S produced the clearer image. Instead of crazy big pixels, Apple opted for a highly intuitive flash that works with the camera to create a balanced image.

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Like most Android phones, the HTC One deploys its flash just before the image is taken, leaving very little time for the camera to adjust for the newfound light. You get whatever you get, only brighter. The iPhone 5S engages the flash for a full second before the camera even tries to focus, since the flash is trying to determine the best temperature to output light at in order to get the best picture.

Finding tracks, navigating play lists, and selecting music is straightforward and easy to use. The music app pushes a lot of information to the screen, and with playback controls on the lock screen it's a simple matter to control the playback, just as on Windows Phone. This is a tricky call to make, because the music player for Windows Phone 8 just feels smarter.

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It is less cluttered, and makes my music attractive to browse through. It has improved, and it's a cute touch that landscape mode brings up a contact sheet of albums to choose from, but it's just that, cute. Microsoft are working on a holistic approach where all the parts of the new '8' system integrate with each other, including Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, SkyDrive, Xbox, and more.

Which is a great plan, but Apple's ecosystem is already joined up, has been polished over the last few years, and provides an environment that works. The last of the big positives on the iPhone 5S for me is the physical size of the 5S. This is a highly personal area, but my views on size v. It's nice that high end phones all come with large screens and lots of girth, but what happened to the svelte powerhouses? Why can't a Lumia sized device have all the maxed out specs?

Well, the smaller size of the iPhone 5S does have that power. Okay, it's 7mm taller, but the other dimensions fit comfortably inside the tub of the Lumia The iPhone 5S is a top of the line phone, with top of the line specs, in a form factor that I love.


Straight away I have a lot of love for the handset because of this. But this size comes at a cost, which is battery power. Let's put aside the fact that if all you use the iPhone for is listening to music then you are only going to get yourself half way round the world Apple suggest forty hours is achievable , because when I was flying from the UK to California, I got as far as Greenland before the battery decided to flash up dire warnings of death. It's been a long time since I've had a battery warning in-flight.

That's not possible with the sealed iPhone 5S. Nokia talked a lot about being able to crop images without losing any quality—we performed a quick unscientific test between the Lumia and iPhone 5 and found the difference is quite noticeable.

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But overall, is that megapixel camera that worth it? This is the first comparison of many with the Lumia Both devices—Lumia and iPhone 5—were set to auto, taken under similar conditions at nearly the same time to ensure a level playing field.

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Do the results do enough to convince you? Taken in an office setting with the lights turned off and only natural light coming in. Flash was used. Deals Menu. Lifestyle Software Science.

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